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tv   Kazakh TV News  PBS  March 21, 2014 3:30am-4:01am PDT

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the emergency service one one two will be launched in kazakh and the kazakh senate has approved the civil protection law it will significantly increase the protection level of care that people during emergencies. the lines of independent risk assessment to feel the fire season were excluded. bill also specifies a detailed list of hazardous production facilities in the local executive bodies are entitled to allocate funds for social assistance to volunteer rescuers and their families. in case of
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their death or disability large explosion hazardous enterprises will be obliged to create their own fire service says the government will make a list of such enterprises. bishop chicken to the will to do with the opening. we have a well balanced last week to ensure the protection of our citizens before enduring emergency situations as well as to potential conflicts of varying degrees with ketchup on matters of civil defense i must say that after our work we have developed a lot which is much better than the six existing laws which do not take into account the current economic conditions and national climate change we now have an instrument to improve the state's system of citizens protections to that of the court this month as his finger salute him with possession to go. this president alison at the camp i attended a mandate to form a parliamentary majority coalition of the social democratic party of kyrgyzstan the social democrats are to create a coalition of the street parties within two weeks the end of the government led by john constable gave resigned as that time again
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faction announced its withdrawal from the parliamentary majority the socialists accused the former prime minister of corrections present no less than the combined met with the leaders of parliamentary factions domenici maker is president propose the social democrats to form a coalition of parliamentary majority and promote a candidate for the post of prime minister by april eleven consultations with the parliamentary factions of the structure of the new government will start next monday. his review of current is too subtle changes in the government a possible that any party which was not in the coalition of majority before entering uni formed coalition of majority usually new traction since its requirements including the ones related to staff positions which are great. it soon. development of the oil sector permission of gas to settlements increasing the proportion of local content and construction of new refineries were discussed at the meeting with the oil and gas minister was led by combining has learned that he held meetings with the people in the region and
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participated in the extended meetings with the mining companies experts say that oil production in the region reduces by an average of five percent annually on production lines can be increased to allow that to finance its exploration or it should be developed and became the first liquefied gas production plant will be built because learn about the typical vehicles with his goals include an lng plant will be built because the battery shane allen james nash or liquefied gas. i think more plants will be built in kazakh stand in the future it to us that the only. the best. the base of the plan for the protection of sturgeon in the ice construction of large fish fry will begin in destin has been found who invests his own funds in the development of experimental industrial projects as the sun by the minister of environmental protection that allowed the fire. during his visit to the factory this is a person of the super gt has extent which aims to develop a new direction fish farming its italian station began six years ago when a scientific and technological holding a
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sign on the bases of the west has its own agricultural university scientists have developed another tube system of intensive cultivation of sturgeon in artificial conditions. it allows together to sixty five tons of commercials searching and eating tons of pleated here in the year. he also annually to the stage and feelings will be released into our river. the whole cycle is quite cost efficient optimal consumption of water and electricity has been figured out. these are the main principles of the green economy stress them on fire the region has enormous potential to participate in these addition expo two thousand seventeen. for instance energy efficient houses can be built and the future dwellers of these energy efficient homes will know that they get the keys thanks to expo also a recycling plant can be built in the city and the residents of the sexual knowledge of the city screen. everything is good things to be imprisoned ex page edition and is focused on the green economy and we certainly will support such projects in the government therefore the resonating effective expo
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can be used in aaa with well we have developed an action plan for the participation in expo in particular it covers presentation of projects concurrently the ideas of the eggs and issues and issues concerning delivery of food products was cast in the region has all the opportunities to supply the necessary environmentally friendly agricultural goods and products the whole turkic world is celebrating notice the kazakh steppe embassy in turkey invaded the secretary general and justice and development party will keep their tickets to the minister of foreign affairs the mccain while ambassadors of hungary poland mongolia turkmenistan was back to stand and kazakh people living in turkey jessica ambassador to turkey should see the midnight noted that the holiday and this is celebrated in all ticket countries and promotes friendship and understanding between people and strengthens cultural relations. to me. i congratulate all catholic people would notice. though this is the beginning of a new life. turkish people
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forgot about this holiday for some period of time. now it is widely celebrated in our country and very much appreciate the friendship between asic and turkish people. i hope that our friendship will continue forever. students of different nationalities in moscow are also celebrating notice holiday on a grand scale. the idea to organize celebrations belongs to catholic students young people presented it to the stock as the crazy loop and told about the history and traditions of the notice holiday which is considered to be a holiday of the renewal of life. there's also a student from algeria kinda thing and a alumni and students he found out about the ancient holiday which is celebrated every spring from his friends from catholics and and people studied together in moscow the above it was the last note the purpose of this holidays to join people from tajikistan turkmenistan and catholics and people should communicate with each other he should be friends and
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support each other. the main aim is to promote friendship between people. the view that the novels on the holiday of motorists unites all of us despite the fact that we have different cultures different people different nations. but this holiday nine cents and are happy to celebrate it together in our universities the revival and papa larry station of catholic folk sports and games has begun students about the dow began to pursue this game and event was held with the participation of students of the local colleges ahead of the notice quality young people competed in the kazakh national league team last a couple of the war. lifting kettle bells write this and the list call up. shear the delicious dishes that were prepared for the people such as bonds stocks and noticed regime also people enjoy performances telling him that the traditions of the kazakh people. our group came here today to burst of
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speed in the competitions but the main goal is to show the richness and beauty of the traditions of kazakh people of this i did above isn't a good time. for the red light to develop this theme we intend to conduct such competitions not only drew notice holidays. the one colleges as well as young people to purchase a painting these competitions all year round. at book is that this gift. the national academic librarian knows the start of the campaign price these gifts to mark its tenth year anniversary. throughout the entire year of two thousand fourteen on the books will be received as gifts. the project was announced in the beginning of the year and the first large scale part of the campaign has already been held ahead of the notice holiday in the meantime very best on that representatives of universities and use and foreign embassies came to participate in the vents on the monday two hundred editions of the area's finest playing in the book collection and since the beginning of the year seven hundred and eighteen printed copies have already been included in the library's fun. for the collection in
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the library's the plan is to now. nevertheless the event was an awesome start the celebration of a ten year anniversary. it should be said to give donations are primary source of funds therefore we decided to combine our anniversary with an opportunity to reply mr book collection with valuable publications. the latest news is that three doubt the dogs cuts out that stevie got kate said. leading universities of asic's interactive engaged in developing a high technology and another to projects according to specialists and the many universities are holding special competitions for the best are the projects among students. experts note that in the beginning of the year added it to present the perfect former recognize the socially important and potentially revenue generating ideas that i am at the parade. in
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the mideast is one of such projects was presented by the students and faculty of natural sciences and faculty of physics and mathematics this project is to develop an indication of the time and receive energy sources. it was developed within the free market participation in extra two thousand seventeen of its decisions that a good job but elaborate system for the production of wind energy overall it was about wind power station. system. i was looking in it than anything that you keep these hypocrites to get any response. funding for these projects is provided by the ministry of science in education as well as from the republican budget overall the cost but it's around three to twelve million can get the projects are expected to pay off within three years. a specialist note in the next couple of years i can develop and will occupy its rightful place on the market the pastoral industry activity index last month rose by less than what was expected internet edition invest in the car reports in the report of the ministry of economy trade and industry of japan. this indicator take
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into account seasonal fluctuations was stated to have killed three team one percent during this month from the previous level of politeness or put one percent analysts were expecting this index reached one point three percent. the greek government is set to issue treasury bonds before the european parliament elections that i'm from the twenty fifth of this year. bloomberg a guest reports that in two thousand and ten. grace actually lost control over the budget and economic policy of the country would apply for financial aid. returns on the ten year greek bonds of the secondary markets return to pre crisis levels of six point seven to six point eight percent which is a significant change compared with a record thirty seven point one percent levels of march two thousand and twelve in the next week's greece would be contenders for the project of an airport without at seven hundred and fifty million euro and the highway project valley the four hundred million euro and the talk of modernized rosa said to be completed by the end of two thousand fifteen and a fast track released by the end of two thousand seventeen. general
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motors has made an official statement about the recall of about one point six million vehicles due to a number of various functions from winder to hazardous once this recall is alerted second one in the last weeks for the largest manufacturer of us reminded everyday of this year the press service of gm announced a repaired camping for one point four million cars. the new head of the company near a bar at stated that this has been prompted by the need to get rid of the negative image of the old gm and completely revamp the reputation of the company without consideration for costs one point two million buick enclave chevrolet traverse gmc acadia and saturn outlook cars released in the period between two thousand and eight in two thousand thirteen. well functioning ignition switning of their backs that may not opening the case of an accident. in
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sixty four years ago and it is because that might be only in scientific research institute and non charismatic most was when he asked leaning towards. i just sent said it needed to solve problems of its facts and instead of ordinary ones as well as respect and confidence to seeing the scene in a thirsty man it should be noted that more than five hundred km east of the institute for collecting quotes the ringtones might also be the decent achievement of national economy of us in sa. in two thousand and three has extended his publishers association was reduced to its association with the indictment and the competence and tell day rick and i have not done in concert tonight. it is an on base the season in the development of the kopitiam industry protection of the interests of the news that a proper system providing favorable conditions for it. michael dixon said. in two thousand and eight in the twenty first
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of march the present and has axed under sultan other night to see kids each week we would be nifty price of peace and progress to the present president of the republic of kazakhstan. think right is awarded annually to the citizen second time in forty games and see what the domestic international reporting on itunes. since the wooded estate wines don't resign in only three vehicles on the breastplate fifty fifty chance. as you the end
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you love. i do. its. the er
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owner to quit a bit more into perfection of knowledge that you can find program focuses on the latest scientific achievements new developments and unique discoveries by celtic timed its infinite finds is an opportunity to see the future of sa wines. the last year at the world or some breaking news from the world of science in the end of the three d printed off the facial inch or two in ninety three year old woman from belgium. this achievement opens up a new way to the medicine of the future creating a bone tissue replica will be coming with us has ever seen. hello
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my name is cat kibble on bacon and apple and you are watching infinite times a week ago today. she was amazed at those. more denies the charge lambs from kazakhstan five days. what's the difference. it is the only difference is that our sample has nanoparticles which includes light intensity up to three times anyway it was as if going treatment. how do we get the chemicals. there was nothing difficult or peanuts but you should not the proportion and the proportion is to know how all the hits. no way of kazakhstan on the content of a boy levi shift. i was only twenty five and three of my dorothy succumbing to the bro sis and we were awarded a bonus which was enough to buy some from his car the maximum efficiency waste for traditional incandescent lamps is limited to ten
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percent if the rest ninety percent is dissipated as heat gun was discharged on tuesday not giving up their efficiencies three times higher and there is more to come the scientists in various countries but those that claim to have alternatives. kazakhstan resources also have daniel hauser those which i will start responding to the classical sees a young fine he said he was fine carried out the number of experiments to finally establish that the articles with the guessing it was this light intensity and so was the size of the articles the brunt of the allied drive to seize the site has become a great discovery for scientists can we. nearly two years ago when six euros but found on these phenomena that no one of us believe in case you feel physically possible but due to cds at first but he can prove that the outcome could take place. soon because all the time it isn't the only news i did as
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possible and becomes more intense if you did excited to be discharged within a few but classic dimensional going on and on in my station maximum shift towards the center of the electrode spacing the scientists decided to apply the outcome discovered tomb organized the feasting month and released as a sample. but that did it. the operation brings a bulldog on the staunch ally is actually the same as that of denise and she'll be on the difference is that our sample has nanoparticles which increase the light intensity up to three times was the same energy costs. it should happen to them to hear it again. hamilton police nano size particles inside the lamp specially supplied chemical methods to solve the fast using the obligation principle. we use on joining me sane as plasma the combination provides independent forming a common nanoparticles insightful and their concentration increases gradually it the new
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technologies of high potential efficiency can be increased by changing the scots grandmothers. he's a manufactured low energy consumption and high light output are promising great commercial success the last music in the world consumes nearly blind the lame tons of water everyday and the samoans ghost of household purposes and to produce food in paris industrial commodities. its population grows in water consumption increases as well while pieces of resources which the council is available on the old. now what the science has revealed a lot of ways of saving for tour dates to keep looking for more efficient ways cindi so the card and the state university. it was a better way to treat more to produce the same. to which will assist the college is the bases with her instead of traditional attitudes
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the scientists develop some other ones to the defending only find some existing chemicals to lead any seen before sonic at the temple that we would need to multiply like sianz proved to be more efficient and safe compared to an actual forms for example all the crew and is something which is why it requires absorbing quite a number of safety rules. we mostly fine to call it winning formula illegal by the financial times. and after the reaction will receive the substance which is safe to be polluting the river. the new chemicals were tested in a test facility in which i like those for the new bauxite by the current auction. he interacts with the dems as a result of which population takes place form and wakes up that he's become the first section into the tank. join some heavy metal awnings with no choice is ours to heavy metal mines think that these ways which form an l a taurus is gone the second asian
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stars is part of the action with the full tuition was this which is increasing the size of flakes. these uses the proceeds of their precipitation significantly and they can be easily due to my sophomores as expected the development will return over seventy five the closest one to buy after circulation and these can be done was the least possible expenses in the safest way. yuri sticks with the objectives goals of invention school psychologist by the renaissance is the result of human intelligence tells eulogies are looking for the insulation between pensions and social progress and the colonies considering inventions as a means to boost the industry's meanwhile human person could make new inventions i love the show isn't on the inventor of kazakhstan the scientists has one hundred and seventy pages for his developments in the lecture chemistry and other pills and raised on keys major inventions are high practical importance of
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willie bain should receive his first painting was sold in a very important problem in the nineteen sixties the quality of kazakhstan corporate which was acknowledged as the world reference call for a start in goal lead on morsel of a sudden i lose it. we started the reasons and sound on the copper spoils because of all to come ten minutes with only two engines can reduce its conduct of the few to fifteen percent having found the reason the young scientists aboard the ship the scum of the clique an efficient way to clean copper arsenic. i know that if i was only twenty five then we apply neocon oriented approaches and we work toward that end bonus which was enough to buy supper with his car for a couple of scenes and inventions became the very point of his life sometimes he had to break in order to create. he had to break the established traditions in fines. the cup in the swing when she worked on optimizing for sports
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production. i find the description of phosphorus into action is to live in copper mines in the group and my soul but it happens in quite a different way. based on true it feels nice to get on the new way to determine the amount of phosphorus in the final product. earlier it would take the most experienced last season after four hours. what i mean increased fire hasn't minded that they still depend on our band has made the prose is absolutely safe. all that cold the moscow region agency did not want to acknowledge gracious discovery for a long period of time but finally the certificate was she and the history of scientific inventions has witnessed the plaintiff cases like this in seventeen thirteen the paris academy of sciences announced the decision but everything had it and it is unable to fly. internal energies impossible the titans for these two inventions were not he she it and it was difficult for the inventors of the person
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airplanes to get their certificates. they signed this is seriously considering the possibility of leading internal engine. why not believe in vampires don't know when it's his embrace and one of the station of the eighty of infinite science. during the recent special summit in london the g eight member states declared war against dementia the leading powers have set themselves a goal to find medicine to cure alzheimer's and parkinson's disease by twenty twenty five. however the history of great discovery shows that sometimes the results come much earlier than they had expected and kazakhstan fido qantas may prove this principle in practice will show you more on this topic in our next episode. he's covering finance times with this alien. many leftists. it
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